Mobile Commercial Management

Development of a hybrid application for commercial management that allows pharmaceutical sales representatives to record visits, orders, and transfers, thus keeping track of their business.

Location: Argentina.
Client: Roemmers.
Industry: Healthcare.
Service: Turnkey Projects.
Expertise: Mobile Development.
Tecnologies: Objective C, Objective-C.


Laboratorios Roemmers is mainly focused on developing, manufacturing and selling medicinal specialties aimed at treating disorders of the cardiovascular digestive and respiratory systems, as well as psychiatric-neurological, rheumatological and infectious diseases, among others.


A strong point in the management of Laboratorios Roemmers is its sales force and its outstanding customer service, which together result in millions of units sold throughout the country to different healthcare entities.
For this, the lab had a series of applications and technology platforms aimed at supporting commercial management.

The lab needed to enhance these tools, with a mobile application that would add a series of features to optimize the management of the commercial team, thus improving sales and company results.

Business Objective

Roemmers needed to improve its commercial management by including a series of improvements to its Commercial Management application, making it easier for the team to carry out tasks such as placing orders and providing follow-up for clients, as well as delivering better analytics that would allow them to know which products and clients needed development in order to achieve milestones.

As sales representatives carry out a dynamic task and need to be on the move while visiting clients, they needed a mobile solution available on different devices across different platforms, capable of updating in real-time and operating at low Internet speeds.


Taking into consideration the client’s needs, a hybrid language application was developed using Phonegap, available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. The application had to work off-line, and then synchronize information.

The required features included authenticating sales representatives, analyzing clients and commercial visits, placing orders, transfers and offers, as well as commercial planning, among other highly required functionalities.
To achieve this, a work plan was developed with stages ranging from planning to commissioning the application, including technical documents and functional specifications.


Thanks to a clear definition of the project’s milestones, we were able to include features to support and optimize the client’s order registration process, as well as the validation of credentials and synchronization of different applications used by the team.

Key elements such as improving user experience and general usability increased the level of internal customer satisfaction, as well as the adoption rate, while the possibility of ordering offline made it easier for the company to keep a more accurate record of all customer requests.

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