Management Portal

Development of corporate Sharepoint Portal for the management and distribution of information among different business areas.

“We were able to create and standardize a Document Management process for projects. Our work involved three stages: Design and conceptualization, Customization and commissioning, and lastly, Training.”

Pablo Nucciteli – Software Project Manager


Location: Global

Client: ABB

Industry: Capital Goods

Service: Turnkey Projects

Expertise: Software Development

Technologies: Microsoft Sharepoint


ABB is a global engineering company providing hardware and software solutions for different areas, such as electrification, robotics, automation, motion, etc.; it is among the most highly renowned companies in the industry with more than 140,000 employees in over 100 countries.

The company needed to optimize and accelerate production times; this goal was key to improving information and data sharing processes among its different departments.


ABB is made up of a large number of highly specialized departments, all of which are deeply interconnected. The company needed to improve information management among its departments; a key element of this improvement was updating its management portal, which was becoming outdated.

Our challenge was to put together a platform capable of centralizing, sharing and protecting relevant information from production processes, as well as from the continuous requirements that the company handles on a daily basis.

Business objective

The company was seeking a product able to surpass its current management portal in every way, achieving effective document management within one or more business divisions, while ensuring security and privacy.

Together with ABB, we decided to implement a powerful collaborative work platform, improving communication among employees, as well as automating internal processes.


Based on ABB’s requirements, we developed a Sharepoint Portal with sites and subsites for the company’s different business areas as well as general information, product and process characteristics for each division and their corresponding Business Units and Applications Group.

This helped achieve improvements in terms of project management, reporting, documentation and requirement management.


Thanks to having centralized information, correctly configured and distributed among the company’s divisions and business areas, and protected under strict security standards, ABB was able to shorten production times by streamlining communication among its departments, which resulted in a general increase in productivity.


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