Integrated Management Policy.

HUENEI IT Services, an Argentine company founded in 1995, is an IT service provider. It currently has offices in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and the USA that provide professional services through two business units: Professional Services and Managed Services.

The directors and managers of HUENEI IT Services assumed the following commitments:

  • Detect, analyze and evaluate the applicable requirements and expectations of interested parties, as well as relevant internal and external issues to meet the strategic purpose of the organization’s Integrated Management System.
  • Promote a climate of teamwork and a culture characterized by respect, harmony, professional development and training.
  • Implement actions to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and health deterioration.
  • Promote consultation and participation of workers or their representatives.
  • Identify, evaluate and manage risks that may affect information security, in all processes and services, including the software Design & Development life cycle.
  • Protect the organization’s information assets against physical and logical threats.
  • Implement continuous improvements in the processes and in the Integrated Management System that allow providing an excellent service in order to strengthen the presence in the markets following the premises:
  • Compliance with assumed commitments, legal and other applicable requirements.
  • Generation of trust, security and loyalty in the various interested parties.
  • Increase in the effectiveness of the IMS.

The directors and managers of HUENEI IT Services are the most responsible for the application of this policy in the company, committing to provide the necessary resources so that the staff knows, shares and ensures compliance, it is available at the request of any interested part.

Buenos Aires, February 2024


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