Material Request

Development of a mobile application for the request of materials for oil wells, allowing users to create new requests, add materials to an existing request, determine the origin of the materials, and coordinate delivery.

Location: Argentina.

Client: YPF.

Industry: Energy, Materials & Public Services.

Servicio: Turnkey Projects.

Expertise: Mobile Development.

Tecnologies: Ionic for Android, iOS.


YPF, is the Argentine energy company dedicated to the exploration, exploitation, distillation, distribution, and production of electrical energy, gas, oil and derivatives of hydrocarbons, and the sale of fuels, lubricants, fertilizers, plastics, and other products related to the industry.

When beginning the intervention work in an oil well, the staff needs to schedule the provision of the materials on precise dates. Well programmers, who work on-site, then had to go to an office to place orders to upload applications or coordinate deliveries in a web application for that purpose.


YPF needed to offer well programmers the possibility of advancing and speeding up material requests, based on the functionalities of the web application in a mobile tool integrated into the existing business logic. In this way, they sought to facilitate their work, and save management time.

Business Objectives

Facilitate the material request processes for work in wells interventions, allowing material request tasks to be carried out in the same well, without having to wait for the programmers to arrive at the offices to do so.


Our solution consisted in the development of a mobile application, using Ionic hybrid technology for iOS and Android platforms.

For the UI/UX design, an interactive prototype was created using the “Just in Mind” tool, which allowed the interaction and interface design to be validated at an early stage.

The application allows logging in with the network user, and keeps the session active. Among other features it offers the functionality to submit requests, upload new requests for materials, new requests with a shortcut, determine the origin of the materials, and coordinate delivery.


Improvement in the work of well programmers allowing them to do their jobs more efficiently, improving the management times for obtaining materials and the costs of obtaining them.

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