General Service Survey

Development of a platform for conducting surveys of visitors and collaborators of Aeropuertos Argentina, as well as the related display and analysis.

Location: Argentina.

Client: Aeropuertos Argentinos.

Industry: Transport & Logistics.

Service: Dedicated Teams.

Expertise: Software Development.

Tecnologies: Angular, .Net, SQL Server.


Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 was established in 1998 for the management and operation of 35 air terminals within the Argentine national territory, thus becoming the largest private operator in the world. It currently has more than 2,100 employees working to ensure the highest quality of services and meet the highest international standards for quality, safety and comfort, 365 days a year.


Customer experience is one of the cornerstones of AA2000’s business, this is why the company is constantly seeking to improve it through different methods. On this occasion, Aeropuertos Argentina sought to better understand the changing preferences of its users in order to learn which optimizations should be carried out first.

Business Objective

In order to fulfill its philosophy of constantly improving the user experience, AA2000 needed to better understand which elements were most relevant when rating said experience, such as cleanliness at the facilities, security, variety in the food court, etc. Therefore, the company needed a solution that allowed both its users and collaborators to provide feedback in an agile and fast manner, which could be adapted on different devices to be placed in various locations.

In turn, it needed a powerful platform capable of analyzing current results, as well as offering recommendations and predictions on new interests.


A dedicated agile team was formed for the development of the system capable of contemplating open and closed questions, ramifications based on answer types, additional questions, among others.
Said system was developed over a web browser, so that it was accessible through different devices, i.e., tablets, smartphones and/or desktop PCs.

The information could be viewed in real time, thus allowing the AA2000 team to see how users’ opinions changed once their demands were met.


Thanks to the information collected by the survey system, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 is now able to analyze user experiences, allowing it to adjust or modify services and facilities, increase the efficiency of air terminal operations and improve passenger experience, which has resulted in profits not only for the airport management, but for the different companies that operate within its facilities.

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