Works monitoring by citizens

Development of a mobile application that allows citizens to obtain information on public works carried out by the Government of Chile.

Location: Chile.

Client: Contraloría General de la República.

Industry: Government.

Servic|e: Turnkey Projects.

Expertise: Mobile Application Development.

Tecnologies: Java, Objective-C, Xcode, Eclipse.


The Office of the Comptroller General (CGR) of the Republic of Chile is a superior oversight agency of the State administration, contemplated in the country’s political constitution and enjoying autonomy vis-à-vis the executive power and other public agencies.

The work of the Comptroller is eminently supervisory; of a legal, accounting and financial nature, intended to protect the principle of legality, that is, to verify that the State administration agencies act within the scope of their attributes and subject to the procedures set forth by the law.


The government agency needed to share as much as possible related to works of public interest, in accordance with the transparency policies required in the Republic of Chile; however, user experience was of utmost importance.

After researching into this, we concluded that the best option was to develop a mobile application, which would allow users to make inquiries within a geographical space regarding different works of public interest.

Business Objectives

The Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile required a mobile application, which should present a look and feel allowing for easy navigation, as well as an intuitive and user-friendly interface, since it would include a series of features aimed at improving navigation experience.

Among these features, the most note-worthy are: geographic queries, augmented reality view, view of particular works, work reporting capacities, etc.


Based on the needs of the institution, a project team was formed that would integrate quickly and seamlessly, defining that the best alternative for the project was the development of native applications for iOS and Android.

This technology was chosen since the selected functionalities have a high demand for technological capacity, as is the case of the solution seen with augmented reality, taking into account that native applications have higher performance, thus maximizing user experience.


Development of a first level application capable of showing in detail all information on public works upon request by the user; the requested functionalities also presented a correct performance, thus providing a superior experience for users when viewing, learning and reporting works according to the corresponding entity.

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