Portal and Applications Development

Development of institutional and corporate web portal, as well as application portfolio update.

Location: Argentina.

Client: Exolgan.

Industry: Transportation & Logistics.

Service: Turnkey Projects.

Expertise: Software Development.

Tecnologies: Liferay, JBoss EAP, Java, Handheld APEX, HTML.


Founded in 1995, Exolgan S.A. is the leading port terminal in Argentina, with more than 50 hectares of construction and more than 1,200 linear meters of wharf, considered a Multimodal Operations Platform. It is also part of the International Trade Logistics (ITL) holding.


The company needed support from a technology solutions partner that could help it leverage its digital assets for a series of corporate initiatives, as well as the maintenance of other applications and platforms to better serve customers and users.

The digital assets to optimize included the company’s institutional and corporate website, in order to improve its image for internal and external clients, seeking a positive impact at the commercial and HR level.

Business Objective

Exolgan needed to include a series of functionalities that would support the management of departments such as Human Resources through the inclusion of job search portals, as well as better understand its internal clients through the creation and analysis of satisfaction surveys.

In turn, we included the maintenance of applications that allow external clients to understand issues related to the service provided by the company, such as the current exchange rate for the payment of services, merchandise arrivals and departures, seal control, among others.


We formed a multidisciplinary team which, based on the client’s requirements, launched the first phase of the project, including the design and general implementation of the portal; this included tasks for user experience and design prototyping for subsequent development.

Features that allowed internal job posting were included, as well as internal satisfaction surveys. At a more commercial level, we needed to include applications that would allow for decentralized Content Management, including management control of (legal) contracts with version control.

For the second phase, related to requirements for external clients, the maintenance and migration of Java legacy query applications was started, as well as those in Handheld APEX. All of this was done while providing a monitoring and control service based on PMI, maximizing risk control and minimizing the level of uncertainty.


Effective commissioning of the corporate and institutional website and applications. This allowed us to improve the internal customer experience, as well as the management of different departments within the company.

Regarding the applications for the management of functionalities such as exchange rate, arrivals and departures and seal control, the effective updating and migration of these was achieved, which allowed us to improve the service offered to external clients.

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