Corporate Web Portal and VIP Portal

Development of Corporate Portal and VIP Portal through the Sharepoint tool.

Location: Mexico.

Client: GBM Casa de Bolsa.

Industry: Banks & Financial Services.

Service: Turnkey Projects.

Expertise: Software Development.

Tecnology: Sharepoint.


GBM Casa de Bolsa is part of Corporativo GBM, S.A B. DE C.V. who has been in the Mexican market for over 30 years and has been listed since 1992. The stock company was incorporated on January 16, 2008, beginning operations in April of that year.

Its analytics department is the basis for every decision made in each area of Casa de Bolsa, and it specializes in developing valuable investment ideas for its clients.


The company needed support in the development of its digital assets, mainly a corporate portal, which would become the gateway to company information and specific market data, presenting valuable elements for different stakeholders.

This portal should have intuitive navigation and a friendly interface, allowing all users to find the required information quickly, without any prior guidance.

Business Objective

GBM Casa de Bolsa needed its portal to display information mainly on the financial market, as well as data related to the company and its products.

On the other hand, it had to have a VIP portal, where registered users (clients, analysts and administrators) could log in using username and password credentials, in order to carry out different operations within the platform.


An agile and autonomous team was formed that started the development of the corporate portal and VIP portal through the Sharepoint tool, this would include a series of functionalities that would present the information in an attractive way for users, such as: charts and information grids, carousels of information and varied content, among others.

In turn, both portals will allow for the viewing and managing content in relation to Asset Management, Private Banking, Mutual Funds, Institutional Investment., Record Keeping, Global Custodian, Prime Broker, and other areas of general interest.


Both portals (Corporate and VIP) increased the general satisfaction level of the company’s clients, analysts and administrators, based on the fact that they could now access all the required information in a fast and comfortable way.

In turn, the improvement in navigation contributed to increasing the time on the portal for each stakeholder, which resulted in more business opportunities by ensuring a higher level of user engagement.

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