Building Secure Software: ISO 27001

6 May, 2024 |

Why Partnering with an ISO 27001 Certified Developer Matters

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring the security and reliability of software applications is paramount. As cyber threats continue to escalate, organizations must prioritize implementing robust security measures throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).
Choosing the right development partner is crucial.  This is where certifications like ISO 27001 come in.

Iso 27001

The Power of ISO 27001 for Secure Development

This cerfitication provides a comprehensive set of controls and best practices for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). By adhering to this standard, software development organizations can embed security measures into every phase of the SDLC, from requirements gathering and design to coding, testing, and deployment.

“ISO 27001 emphasizes identifying information security risks throughout the entire organization,” explains Jorge Attaguile, COO of Huenei IT Services“This applies to the Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as well. By implementing a risk-based approach, we can identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in the software itself, development processes, and data handling.”

Proper documentation is a cornerstone, and the SDLC is no exception.  Documented procedures for secure development cover aspects like security requirements, coding standards, and testing procedures. Additionally, continuous improvement is a core principle. This translates to regularly reviewing and updating SDLC security practices, potentially involving security tools, penetration testing, and adapting to new threats, as Attaguile highlights: “ISO 27001 offers a comprehensive set of controls that can be adapted to specific SDLC and security needs.”

“ISO 27001 requires organizations to establish and apply security rules throughout the SDLC,” explains Dr. Rebecca Herold, a renowned information security expert and CEO of NIST Risk Management. “This can involve secure coding practices, access controls, vulnerability management, and robust testing procedures.”

Complementing ISO 27001 with ITIL processes can further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of secure software development. ITIL provides a framework for standardizing IT service management practices, focusing on delivering high-quality IT services while aligning with business needs.

“ITIL processes already touch on various security aspects, such as change management, incident management, and problem management,” notes Stuart Rance, an ITIL expert and author of several ITIL publications. “By integrating ISO 27001 controls into these processes, organizations can ensure that security is embedded within their IT service management practices.”

By integrating security controls into existing ITIL workflows, a software development company can achieve a more efficient and secure development process.

In essence, Attaguile continues, “ITIL provides a foundation for efficient service delivery, while ISO 27001 ensures security is built into those processes. Integrating them allows a software development company to achieve both efficient and secure development.”


The Client Advantage

The benefits of partnering with a developer certified are numerous.  By implementing ISO 27001 controls within ITIL processes, the development process becomes more secure, resulting in a final product with fewer vulnerabilities and a lower risk of security breaches.  Your data and the software itself are better protected.

Furthermore, ITIL’s focus on high-quality IT services, when combined with ISO 27001, ensures security best practices are ingrained within the development lifecycle. This leads to a more robust and reliable final product with fewer bugs and security issues.  Additionally, streamlining processes through ITIL and integrating security controls can lead to faster development cycles and potentially lower costs, translating to faster delivery times or more competitive pricing.

As Attaguile concludes, “Knowing a development company adheres to both ISO 27001 and ITIL standards demonstrates a commitment to quality and security. This fosters trust and confidence in our ability to deliver a secure and reliable product that meets your business needs.”


Partnering for Success

By choosing a development partner certified in ISO 27001 and ITIL standards, you gain a significant advantage. You receive a more secure, reliable product delivered efficiently by a trustworthy provider. This translates to peace of mind and a successful software development project.


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