Advantages of React for building apps

16 March, 2020 |

Faced with an increasingly competitive market, making updates and improvements has become a necessity for a large number of companies and companies. These improvements should not only be made quickly, they should also be focused on user experience, usability and information security, where their compatibility with other platforms is also checked.

Above all the CTOs and CIOS of mass-use companies such as e-commerces need to develop various applications in order to meet the needs of different market sectors, which in turn are compatible for different devices. Therefore, one of the main advantages of React Native lies in its usability in various platforms and mobile operating systems.
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React is literally making all these processes much more efficient. This framework reduces the effort made by the work teams in half the time, as it offers the possibility of managing everything from this platform.

What is React Native? Why choose it?
React Native is one of the best open source systems designed for mobile application development. He uses Javascript to write mobile multiplatform applications designed for iOS and Android, based on declarative elements to create a mobile user interface.

Javascript is the most widely used programming language in the world, so React Native is perfect for beginners who need to learn faster and can develop applications without the need to include a new language.
For this framework there is only one native code, thanks to this it will be possible to develop various functionalities and innovations in innumerable types of projects. React Native is recognized for being the OpenSource of many developers, it means a point in favor of using this platform.

By choosing this framework you will have access to any feature that your project requires, in addition you will have the support of a large community that can provide you with a safe guide preventing your projects from being incomplete.

Main advantages of React Native

It can be developed on multiple platforms at the same time
At the time of developing an application, there are at least two OS options that can be chosen: iOS or Android for which it is necessary to learn Objective-C and Swift or Java and Kotlin respectively. Therefore, if your projects are based on developing an app for iOS or Android with React Native, all processes will be much more efficient.
Using Objective-C, Swift or Java it would be necessary to develop two separate applications from each other. With React Native more than 90% of the base code can be shared, which greatly reduces the time to market while maintaining the same quality standards.

It is especially favorable for front developers accustomed to React, since React Native uses the same components to create a mobile interface for users. Therefore, those who have developed mobile applications with React, find in React Native an easy to understand counterpart, also based on a Javascript framework.

It has the largest user community
Since it is the most recognized OpenSource, it is natural that many developers have access to all its features so you can count on the advice and guidance of this great community. In addition, React Native has native APIs ready for use, as well as many of the APIs that have been developed by the community itself.

Many users in communities like GitHub React or Chat Reactiflux offer their codes for free to use or modify according to your needs. Thanks to these codes, new solutions have been created, maximized efficiency during the development of a PPP or proposed new quality standards.

Perfect for mobile devices
React Native has an intuitive and modular interface that allows developers to learn more about someone else’s project and continue working on it if they wish. For development teams, this feature is one of its main advantages and the one that facilitates the process of creating updates for applications.

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No problem if you want to use the native code
Using native codes such as Swift, Java or Objective-C combined with the React Native language, as well as creating complete applications in this framework will always be the developer’s decision, taking into account your preferences and the results you expect to obtain.

The idea of combining React Native with other programming languages can be beneficial when the developer must add third-party services to their application that may not be in their mother tongue. React Native allows you to use a programming technique known as “bridge” to make this possible.

It has very good references from large companies
Uber Eats, Facebook, AirBnB and even Instagram trusted React Native to achieve amazing results as we know. The large volume of users who visit these applications continuously was the key to be shown that React Native provides the best performance, maintenance and scalability so necessary for a good application.

All these applications are the example of how to implement this framework successfully. Therefore, if you want to create an application capable of receiving a very wide audience, this framework is an excellent option.

You can update the apps you are developing in real time
Updating changes in real time is another of the great advantages of this framework. Thanks to this feature it is possible to add innovative functions as well as correct errors in record time. For example: if you are developing a project and want to see the changes made immediately, you can keep two windows open. One that contains the code and another that shows the changes, in this way the development process becomes more agile and efficient.

It represents a significant saving in time and money
React Native allows you to use the same code in different OS, which translates into tremendous savings in development time and production cost. With this framework, development time has been reduced to more than half. And although the cost savings are not as significant, it can be convenient enough, depending on the investment you are making.

In the IT world there is an uncountable number of technologies, frameworks, methodologies, etc. Each has its own advantage and specific use, based on the specific needs of the business; Being React is just one more framework of this universe, and although it is highly effective, it will depend on the nature of the project what technology to use.

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