Through our Professional Services and Managed Services business units we can offer our clients our knowledge and experience in 5 key areas.

SW Development

We develop applications that meet our clients’ specific needs. We align to their business requirements while complying with the highest quality standards.


We offer clients the mobile applications that best suit their needs, enabling them to optimize their business processes while preserving and making the most of their investment in management applications.

SW Testing

We provide services to ensure the quality of the software, which allows you to guarantee the applications developed meet the defined requirements and that all functionality is present.

Process & Management

We advise our clients in the decision-making process, and on how to improve their processes and implement best practices, contributing to their efficient running of the business.

IT Infrastructure

We provide our clients with infrastructure services that guarantee security and performance in their IT investment.

Why Contract US?

Because we provide our customers with solutions to their needs, offering the best cost-benefit service in developing the software for their organization.


Quality Assured

Our aim is to provide our customers with quality service, contemplating all aspects involved in the presentation.


Customized Services

Customizing our services allows us to quickly and efficiently understand our customers’ needs.


Customer Focused

At Huenei we adopt our customers’ goals as our own, prioritizing the search for the best solutions to ensure their success.



We have wide experience in providing IT services. Since 1995 we offer solutions to large-scale companies of international recognition.

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