Energy balance

Development of a web application for the centralization and analysis of information on energy consumption by area.

Location: Argentina.

Client: Edenor.

Industry: Energy, Materials & Public Services.

Servicio: Turnkey Projects.

Expertise: Software Development.

Tecnologies: Java, Spring, Angular; HTML 5; Javascript, JQuery, Hiber-nate, Oracle DB.


Edenor is the main energy provider in Argentina in terms of users and electricity sold, marketing in an area corresponding to 4,637 square kilometers and a population of more than seven million inhabitants.

Edenor needed to be able to calculate the energy by areas from the energy registered in each substation, feeders, and transformation centers, among others; since its current management system did not allow for that visibility.


Edenor needed to standardize the way in which it calculated the energy consumed in the areas where it served from the data registered in each substation, feeders, and transformation centers, among others. Previously, this data was collected by a remote reading system where, in some cases, consumption curves were recorded every 15 minutes and, in others, only the monthly value of the energy block was available.

For forecasting tasks, the demand for each area is considered and the different exchanges with other areas are added or subtracted, this calculation being affected since it does not have an effective way of analyzing the electricity consumption of consumers.

Business Objetive

General optimization of the company’s data analysis system, seeking to achieve a daily curve of the demanded energy by area.

The company also needed to reduce the margin of error when processing management data from different sources where the unification was carried out manually.

Increasing the information analysis and processing efficiency should allow for a better estimation of the demand for energy consumption, vital for maintenance and service improvements.


Once the information from the different management programs was unified, a web application was developed that allowed Edenor users to obtain information on daily consumption, by rooms and by month from the measurement points in each area, taking into account batch and manual import processes, thus facilitating the monthly energy assembly process.

To ensure completeness and correctness of the information, anomaly detection parameters were set up which will be notified after processing the files.


Once the technical optimizations were carried out on the electrical meters so that the required period could be measured, the work of centralizing the information on the different platforms and management tools began, managing to visualize energy consumption every fifteen minutes.

Control panels were created with graphs of different formats that not only indicated power consumption but also provided predictions and other data for decision-making.

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