Supervielle Mobile

Development of the Banco Supervielle mobile application, which would allow the bank to improve its position and offer its customers the best user experience.

Location: Argentina.
Cliente Banco Supervielle.
Industry: Bank & Financial Services.
Service: Turnkey Projects.
Expertise: Mobile Development.
Tecnology: Phone-Gap.


Banco Supervielle is among the 10 largest private banks in Argentina. It has a long history in the Argentine financial system with 130 years of operating in the country, and a leading competitive position in certain attractive market segments.

Supervielle was challenged to keep up with the latest trends and preferences of its customers, thus improving the quality of service.


The bank needed to launch to the market an agile, aesthetic and reliable platform that offered users a great experience, for this, it was necessary to use a single source code, thus favoring the maintenance and optimization of the platform.

In this way, the agility and quality of the service could be increased in the event of having to carry out maintenance and / or continuous improvement tasks.

Business Objective

As one of the main banks in the country, it needed to improve the experience and quality of service to a growing clientele in preference to digital media, so they needed to create a mobile application that was compatible with current operating systems (IOs, Android and Windows Phone), maintaining the same experience across channels.

In turn, this platform had to be powerful enough to process the large number of transactions and operations of all its customers, such as payments, loan applications, card payments, etc.


A turnkey project was carried out through the complete development cycle of the Supervielle Mobile application, starting with the initial conceptualization and analysis of the scope, continuing with the entire design and prototyping process of the application, guided by the best practices of UX/UI, facilitating the navigability of users.

Subsequently, the entire construction stage was completed using a multidisciplinary team and agile methodologies. Later, in the Testing & QA stage, all the necessary tests were performed to guarantee the security, functional and non-functional aspects of the application, ending with the launch and evolutionary corrective maintenance.


Creation of a top application that successfully meet the highest standards, both in the banking sector and in the software development industry.
The Supervielle Mobile application allowed to substantially improve the quality of the service provided by the bank to end-users, allowing them to save time, money, and effort in having to go to a bank to carry out financial operations.

From the bank’s point of view, it not only strongly loyalty to its customers, but also obtained real-time information on how its users operate, allowing it to improve the service and include more features that generate more added value.

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