Testing Consulting

Our testing consulting services help you to evaluate and optimize your testing
processes, making them more dynamic and effective.

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Test Strategy Definition

We help our Customers in the making of a careful planning, which can optimize the relationship between testing cost and defect cost, thus ensuring a reliable and safe testing process.

Test Planning & Design

The making of a Testing Plan is fundamental to keep objectives and expectations aligned among all those involved in the project, as well as to foresee contingencies that might take place during the implementation.

Testing Assessment

This assessment allows identifying improvement opportunities of the process, tools, methodologies, as well as the skills of your testing team, in order to boost strengths, correct weak points and enhance the quality of your testing procedures.

Test Automation

We provide consultancy services for the definition of procedures of automatic testing tailored for your business, which allow taking to a minimum the time devoted to repetitive tasks and permit investing it in additional tests that add value and quality to the application.

Test Policy Definition

We can help you finding the best way to carry out your testing projects, through the creation of a sophisticated document that details your testing policy, including principles, focus, and objectives.

Testing Consulting

Through our thorough focus, we identify improvement opportunities in every one of the process stages and go with you along the way in order to achieve a successful implementation.

Test Methodology Definition & Tool Selection

We are in the vanguard of the latest tendencies and better market practices, basing our expert advice en the real experience of our consultants. Likewise, we walk along with your team in the process of adoption and implementation, aiming at reducing transition time and achieving an efficient use of the most suitable resources.


Processes of planning and strategic management, of high impact in the product final quality.

Implementation of testings according to your business and projects, which helps saving

Planning and analyses by experts, with a whole and objective view, which adds value and allows keeping your professionals’ focus on the business area.



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