Requirements Engineering

Requirement engineering plays a fundamental role in the process of software production, since it allows obtaining a whole understanding of what is desired to build. Our services describe ethologically the requirement and define clearly and straightforward the desired behavior of the application to ensure that it solves the business needs.

Survey Interviews

Great part of the success of the reengineering solutions are based on establishing a relationship of full trust with Customers. For this, we count out with highly qualified engineers of requirements that will perform a standardized and certified process to determine their needs with a verifiable argumentation, to make a concrete diagnosis and plan the adequate solution in detail.

Proven and Trustable Methodology

Engineering services, implemented with rigorous parameters, represent an investment that then produce outstanding savings. Our analyses generates correct specification that describe requirements and present them in deliverables, which are revised with the Customer and make the full understanding easier. This process allows identifying the needs of the Customer regarding architecture, the infrastructure or a determined existing software, or one to be designed.

Maps of Processes and Raceability

We make maps of processes that allow expressing the business needs regarding software engineering, thus helping the whole process. We depart from a business focus, so the final validation is made taking into account the environment where the system will operate. Likewise, we make traceability maps, always integrating those involved in the generation of the whole documentation, which helps to improve the communication of the teams and optimize the time invested in the analysis of the application.


Generation of a sound and documented understanding of the software needs.

Improvement in the estimation of the solution and reduction of the related risks.

Early study of the feasibility of the project along with a better utilization of the assigned budget.



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