Mobile Strategy Consulting

Before committing with the expenditure of a project of magnitude, it is a priority for organizations to reduce risks to a maximum. Our proof of concept tests generate prototypes of projects, tests and validation of the business requirements in a tested solution, within a reduced optimized setting and with a mitigated risk.

Design of Mobility Strategies

User Experience Oriented Applications: There are certain applications, like those that are products themselves, in which user experience is a key factor. In such cases, it is convenient to focus on a small set of characteristics and one only platform, developing in detail a polished and all-inclusive user experience.

Coverage Oriented Applications: This strategy consists in focusing on the building of an application of lower fidelity through the greater amount of mobile platforms possible. The differential is to get to cover user experience in diverse platforms, in order to reach through the application a large
base of users.

Development of Mobile Business Plans

Our consultants will advise you to make a careful planning of your mobile strategy, focusing on the user needs, their characteristics and their relationship with technology. Likewise, they will ensure the right synchronization between channels already in place through which stakeholders will interact with the company.

Integration of Web and Mobile Applications

design of tools that allow operation from a PC or notebook as well as from specific mobile applications by sharing data in real time and speeding up the interaction with different types of users.

Integration of Social Networks and Mobile Applications

Current hyper connectivity scenario makes it necessary to think of users as tiny cells of one network of contacts, which keep moving, sharing information and experiences with their environment. Certain mobile applications must be thought to be viralized and live in the social networks, thus to be on a par with a highly competitive market.

User Experience Design

Once functional requirements of a mobile application together with the data that will be used are clearly identified, our user experience analysts will be able to deliver the best user interface design, in order to build intuitive applications to guarantee high productivity levels.


Strategic alignment between the business model and the planning of mobile applications.

Implementation with a lower margin of error and a higher impact on users.

Maximization of the investment returns in strategies of mobile development.



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