Mobile Solutions

Mobile devices open up chances to boost companies’ development, by allowing
customers, suppliers and staff to interact in the business from everywhere, all the time. In Huenei we accompany our Customer in the definition of mobile solutions that are aligned with the business, and have the most appropriate functionalities to add differential value.


Chat Services

Immediacy for the resolution of consultations has become one of the Customers’ most valued factors these days. On line support and assistance chat services, as channels of instantaneous communication, allow providing a better service at the same time of building personalized links with Customers, adding as well, automatic
localization and social networking.


The in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs, preferences, and customs of Customers and users are the starting kick to get ahead of problems and to enhance processes, use experiences and solutions. Surveys in mobile platforms allow making personalized field studies in different sale points, togather offline information, to synchronize the upload, and to share online results in a flexible and straightforward way.


The versatility of mobile settings makes it possible to count out with interactive catalogs, which go far beyond the concepts of showing and describing. The applications allow gathering the whole set of information of products and services arranged by categories, keeping inventories updated in real time and, by the complementation with geolocation tools, booking and purchasing at the most suitable branches.

Car Insurance

In sectors and industries where mobility is part of the business core, the presence of mobile settings must complement strategically the customer service. In order to provide a thorough framework of safety, applications for car insurance allow to report incidents on line and, count out with geolocation of hospitals, police and fire department close to the given location, including direct access to contact them.


In a global market, the concept of closeness becomes a business high value differential, since it brings the user the possibility to interact with the points of interest closer to his/her current or future location. Among the many implementation alternatives, the concept of geosocialization is included. In it, information is shared in order to make data transmission and decision making easier and in real time, through social networks, in user communities defined by affinity of interests, and also by means of the more regular functions that combine GPS, telephone and assistance.

Financial Information

Financial information complexity poses a challenge by the time of deciding how to show it to the user, in such a way for it to be clear, complete and useful, and at the proper time. Not only should applications provide market information in real time, besides of news and personalized indexes, but also should be adapted to different types of users, ranging from portfolio managers and financial advisors, to both expert and inexperienced investors.


Immediate identification of B2C strategic opportunities in mobiles technologies and a drastic reduction of the time-to-market

Availability of functionalities adaptable to the business, which offer the best price-quality relationship.

Quick implementation of applications that increase the direct interaction with key users of the business, such as Customers and/or employees.



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