Mobile Proof of Concept

Before committing with the expenditure of a project of magnitude, it is a priority for organizations to reduce risks to a maximum. Our proof of concept tests generate prototypes of projects, tests and validation of the business requirements in a tested solution, within a reduced optimized setting and with a mitigated risk.

Technical Validation

This type of validation allows the detailed understanding of the technical viability of a project together with the high level management to confirm the choice of the architecture, the technology and the design of the mobile application.

Enhancement of the Practices

Lessons learned during the proofs of concept tests about configuration, methodology and management optimize the launch of the definitive project. Above all, in contexts where innovative technologies and
platforms are predominant.

Risks Mitigation

Experience from the proofs of concept tests provides a safer framework for the sake of decision making about design, construction, tests and implementation, thus reducing risks during the definitive execution.

Development of Business Cases

The final report of the proof of concept test helps Customer to calculate the cost, the effort, the complexity and the impact of the complete production project, aspects that must be foreseen in order to optimize results, reduce costs and ensure the success of a whole strategy of mobile applications.


Risks mitigation before undertaking projects of importance.

Possibility to innovate in different technologies, without the need of having previous experience.

Improvements of the predictability of costs of the production project.



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