Mobile Development Staffing

Huenei relies on its availability of specialists in the development of mobile
applications, who are qualified and in permanent training on latest technologies, to carry out their duties on site, becoming part of the regular work teams of our Customers.

Profiles and Technologies

We count out with professionals of different profiles (programmers, analysts, architects, among others) with wide experience in programming of mobile applications on: iOS,Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, HTML5; and hybrid platforms such as Phonegap, JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Rho Mobile and Titanium.

Ensured Quality

Our processes for the supply of professionals are part of our systems of quality management, ISO 9001:2008 certified, which guarantees the quality of our services.

Service Alternatives

We handle the hiring process either of one professional with the required profile, or of a complete mobile applications development team, and help our Customers in the applications of this practice.


Immediate availability of specialists in face of peaks of demand, without increasing headcount.

Optimization of the assigned budget, by complementing the internal team with the external professionals.

Immediate implementation of completely new or non-habitual practices and technologies, without increasing fixed costs.



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