Architecture Consulting

We advise our Customers in the definition and revision of their software architecture in order to reach the highest levels of performance of the application in a setting that can be scaled up, and to choose the best technological alternatives, in accordance to the market tendencies and to the business needs, thus allowing a minimization of costs and a maximization of the IT investment returns.

Definition and Architecture Design

To define the architecture of a project is a complex process, which must be adapted to both functional (business) and nonfunctional (quality) requirements, as well as to all kind of restrictions. We go with you through the definition and design of alignments, structures, layers, connections and support modules that the application should have, to obtain a version that is stable, able to be scales up and of a high quality level.

Architecture Revision

Once the architecture is defined, a constant revision along the successive stages of development must be made, in order for it to adapt to the new requirements that may arise along the
project. Our architects work with your team to identify alternatives of design and the associated risks, in order to improve the architecture and keep it aligned with the business goals.

Tailored Consultancy

There are development teams with strong skills of implementation, but they usually identify the need to get an architect involved to provide an external vision to help making
decisions that may be of impact in the long term. Huenei’s architects are available to advise you in all aspects you need to make sure that the system is aiming at the right direction and transferring knowledge in order to allow the team to apply techniques of software architecture in an autonomous fashion during the upcoming project.

Integration Between Applications

Through the principles of software engineering, we carry out complex architecture projects in order to achieve an effective integration between applications with multiplicity of systems that provide or use data from them. We identify the requirements of quality, performance, response speed and growth in order to select the platform, the development language, the components to be included and the way in which the solution will be structured.


Guaranteed project viability en early dates and assurance of high quality standards.

Early detection of risks of high impact, which allows saving future costs.

Maximization of investment returns, by building a system of application on a structure that can be scaled up aligned to the business.



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