We Are Software Creators

Founded in 1995, Huenei is a regional provider of IT services. We currently have a team of more than 350 software creators and professionals with presence in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and the United States. 

Who We Are

We are software creators. Established in 1995, our company has provided our clients with IT-based services in order to guide them in achieving their business goals.

We currently have a team of more than 350 professionals in 6 offices distributed throughout 4 different countries: Argentina, Chile, Mexico and the United States.

Throughout these years, we have carried out hundreds of successful software projects for large companies from different countries and industries. We work in different modalities and technologies, always seeking to add value from our work methodology and our technological mastery.

Huenei means “great friends” in the Mapuche Indigenous language, and it defines our company’s role as a close and reliable partner that prioritizes good customer service and long-term relationships based on trust.





Our Culture and Values  


We promote sincere and open debate, seeking to establish relationships of trust based on ethical action, honesty, transparency, responsibility and respect.  

Respect for the Individual

We value diversity and guarantee an inclusive workplace, where the individuality of everyone is respected.

Passion and Enthusiasm

We are passionate about the work we do and we enjoy the challenges that we encounter on a daily basis, giving our best in every situation we face.

Focus on our Clients

We demonstrate responsibility, commitment and a strong vocation for service in all situations related to our clients.


We seek to be efficient in all the activities we perform, both in the provision of services and in the support processes for each business area.

Team Spirit

We believe that our capabilities are enhanced when we bring our best to a team, working towards a common goal in a coordinated and cooperative way.


Provide our customers with services based on information technologies in order to collaborate in the achievement of their business goals.


We seek to be one of the most recognized Argentine companies in our industry. We aim to grow and build a bigger and more talented team every day with the goal of expanding our regional presence. Our priority is to add value to our services and build trusted relationships with customers and partners.

Management Team

Gustavo Commisso

CEO & Founder 

Jorge Attaguile

COO & Founder

Javier Pérez Lindo

Professional Services Manager Argentina

Maria Alejandra Ochoa

Service Delivery Manager

Mariano Gut

Business Development Manager Argentina

Carlos Gómez Galzerano

Project Management Office Manager

Milagros Chavarry

Office Manager Chile

Martin Paulick

Administrative and Financial Manager

Yanina Capettini

Human Resources Manager

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