Turnkey Projects

Solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We carry out customized turnkey projects, which exceed expectations and adapt to assigned timelines and budgets.

Our Service

We carry out projects tailored to the needs of our clients, seeking to add value through excellent service.

Once the initial need is clearly identified, the scope, effort estimation, responsibilities and budget are accurately determined in order to get to the perfect approach for your project.

Our solutions can cover anything from a development service contemplating all stages of the life cycle for a software project, server migration, proof of concept, discovery prior to development of a new mobile application and its subsequent construction, product testing, architecture design, or a consulting project.

Our methodological approach and our processes aligned to the most demanding quality standards ensure predictability for our clients throughout the entire project and quality in the final product.

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Our Turnkey Projects Process


Needs Analysis

Through a series of meetings with the client, we work to understand their final needs and jointly analyze alternatives looking for the best possible solution.


Solution Proposal Design

Once the business needs are understood, we work with our specialists to establish the best possible solution, clearly defining the scope, all necessary resources, times, costs and risks. Once all this is fulfilled, we have a solution proposal ready to be submitted to the client.


Project Planning

Once the proposal is accepted, the project planning stage begins by precisely defining the timeframe, deliverables and professionals involved who will be carrying out the project.


Solution Development

The development process for the proposed solution begins. Depending on the type of project, this solution can involve the development of a new customized software covering all its life cycles, the discovery of a project, a UX design, the automated testing of a product, the migration to the cloud of a group of servers or the development of a mobile application. Regardless of what kind of project it is, a methodological approach will always be followed and aimed at achieving the highest quality standards.


Solution Testing

After the development stage, the solution is validated to ensure that it is aligned with the requirements defined by the client.



Once the tests are completed, the solution is implemented in its final environment, training users, delivering the final documentation and everything necessary to complete the project according to the established scope.


Post-Implementation Service

Once the project is implemented, the activities agreed for this stage can be carried out: guarantee, user support, training or evolutionary-corrective maintenance.

Benefits of Turnkey Projects

Obtain predictable, high-quality customized solutions backed by international standards thanks to our turnkey projects.

Get immediate access to new technologies that will boost your business, without the need to make large investments.

Ensure high-quality deliverables, in line with the timeframe and budget available.

Maximize the return on your investment by accessing competitive prices that will allow a better use of and flexibility your budget.

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