Staff Augmentation

We strengthen your teams through staff augmentation, adding qualified talent, faster, with the necessary skills and without the need to grow in headcount.

Our Service

We have an experienced team of professionals to develop your project through our staff augmentation service. You will be able to add new talent to your project, so that you can assign them to development, testing, infrastructure, consulting projects or any other challenge to carry out in IT.

Many companies find it difficult to integrate highly qualified profiles into their projects. The costs of acquiring and retaining such talent are often very high, considering also the difficulty that organizations have in justifying the growth of their headcount.

For this reason, many IT leaders use staff augmentation as the optimal solution, allowing them to integrate these key members into their team quickly, adding more expertise and increasing the speed of delivery of their projects, and in turn reducing the risks and costs of hiring new staff.

Find more about how our solutions can help you by reviewing these case studies.

Our Staff Augmentation Process


Context Analysis

We study the technological demands of your team and your company in order to determine the most optimal management profile and provide you with a personalized staff augmentation service.


Profile Search and Selection

We have experience selecting the professionals that will best suit the needs of our clients’ projects. When the required professionals are not available within our team, we have an area specialized in talent selection, which will find the right candidate so that he or she can be incorporated quickly.


Team Integration

Once the professional or team is selected, a quick integration process is carried out, adapting to the procedures and tasks of your company. From this phase on, your staff is already augmented.


Analysis and Follow-up

We constantly carry out follow-up tasks to verify that the candidate or team is performing efficiently.

Benefits of Augmenting your Staff

Eliminate the costs of hiring and retention operations, as well as human resources and management procedures.

Ensure the rapid integration of specialists with extensive experience in different technologies and industries.

Add members to your team as the requirements for each project evolve with total ease and agility.

Enjoy immediate access to innovative practices and technologies, reducing the learning curve and obtaining significant cost and time savings.

Accelerate your team’s production times exponentially thanks to our rapid integration process.

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