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Our team of specialists wanted to share some articles on technologies, services, trends and news of our industry in the era of digital transformation.

Organizations have transformed into working systems. Different areas interact in pursuit of the same goal of generating value and optimizing results. In this context, it becomes extremely important for a company to be able to focus on its core business and not consume human and financial resources in other areas that are not strategic to its main activity. Here, software development outsourcing appears as a solution that allows greater performance by avoiding unnecessary distractions and deviations.


A Little History of Outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a business solution adopted at a particular historical moment, along with many other related and key processes for its emergence, boom, and current status. Let’s look at a brief timeline of the evolution of outsourcing in recent years. It is important to recognize the motivations that mobilize outsourcing, as well as the location of the service provider companies and the type of relationship that is generated between provider and client. The role of these strategic concepts has evolved.

software development outsourcing history


The outsourcing process is closely linked to the constant growth of information and technology systems. Mainly, we refer to their impact on commercial, labor, government relations, etc. The approach of distances, the possibility of coordinating actions in different places without the need to be physically connected, the scope of international, regional, or global agreements, the existence of more and more written or unwritten rules that are adopted along with this growth and the formation of institutions or organisms dedicated to them, are without doubt enablers of growth.

It is no longer necessary for a company to have an area for each process, nor building or technological infrastructure to grow. Nor is it essential for an individual to be part of an international corporation to work with other nations.


Technology Outsourcing Alternatives

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the outsourcing of business processes that are not the center of the company’s strategy, and about which it does not need to store sensitive information. They are departments that surround the main business, they are necessary, but they can be carried out in the same way and with the same knowledge as the rest of the market. You can take advantage of the best practices of the activity, of the standardization of processes, and of all development in this sense, in which the companies dedicated to providing them are specialized.

Software Development Outsourcing is a specific type of BPO where client companies hire providers who will be in charge of planning, executing, and subsequently evaluating programs and apps designed specifically for certain business objectives.

The main work models in IT and software services outsourcing are Dedicated Teams, Staff Augmentation, and Turnkey Projects. At Huenei we work with all three systems since we believe that we can use different approaches to arrive at the perfect software depending on the client’s needs.


Huenei’s Dedicated Teams.

Our Dedicated Teams are working groups tailored to the needs of your project. These agile and self-managed teams provide immediate responses to your demands, helping you meet your development goals. Through agile methodologies and management support tools, we establish a working method that offers total transparency and continuous feedback on the service.

Our work process consists of 7 phases:

  1. Survey and Understanding of the Business.
  2. Scope of the Dedicated Team.
  3. Solution Approach.
  4. Work Methodology.
  5. Equipment Configuration.
  6. Metrics and Performance.
  7. Final Delivery and Continuous Improvement.


Huenei’s Staff Augmentation.

Many companies face difficulties when it comes to growing their work teams: the costs related to human resources are high and it is often difficult to sustain headcount growth. With our Staff Augmentation services, we solve these problems. We integrate members of our experienced team for a particular project into your work team. In this way, you can add expertise and increase the speed of delivery of your projects, reducing risks and costs related to the hiring of new personnel.

Our work process consists of 4 phases:

  1. Context Analysis.
  2. Profile Search and Selection.
  3. Team Integration.
  4. Analysis and Follow-up.


Huenei’s Turnkey Projects.

If your project needs total outsourcing, we can take it forward by adapting our workflow to suit your needs, seeking to add value through an excellent Turnkey Project. We can offer you an end-to-end development service, a server migration, and a concept test, among many others.

Our work process consists of 7 phases:

  1. Needs Analysis.
  2. Solution Proposal Design.
  3. Project Planning.
  4. Solution Development.
  5. Solution Testing.
  6. Implementation.
  7. Post Implementation Service.


Now you understand that outsourcing software development projects can bring great advantages to your company. It will be important that you can determine which of the three models we offer is the right one. But don’t worry, our experts are here to help you evaluate the alternatives and arrive at the perfect working model.