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Regardless of the size of your company, surely you have evaluated the outsourcing of software development services in order to improve your operation or increase the quality of the product or service that you offer to your clients. A company that wants to focus on its core business often cannot carry out all the developments and projects necessary for its operation by itself. Whether due to lack of time, financial resources, organizational structure, human resources, or other limitations, it is increasingly common for companies to rely on software company services provided by suppliers.

In a classic service contracting process, the corresponding department of your company issues a request for a budget. Depending on the previous relationship with the suppliers, a bidding or a direct award could start. But the latter should only take place in cases where your company has already worked with a supplier repeatedly and is satisfied with the results. The challenge arises when we need to choose a new supplier to work together.

Choosing a service provider is important as it can affect the way your company offers its services and interacts with your customers. But choosing a software company services supplier is not an easy task. This is why we want to tell you some tips that we have developed throughout our years in the industry, thanks to the support of our clients.


First thing: quality and service!

The quality of a service could be observed from different perspectives. We could firstly  talk about the workflow and development and implementation process that a company offers. This is an extremely important point to evaluate and know before hiring an IT service provider. Serious companies offer a transparent and customer-driven process. This is one of the points that we always prioritize when working with our clients. Below is an example of the workflow of our Dedicated Teams service, where we offer you a managed team of specialists for your projects.


Software Company Services - Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams Process


Another important consideration is the type of services that the supplying company offers. That is, do they adapt their services to your needs? Standardized developments can be a time and resource saver for a supplier, but what’s important is that they can provide tailored and customized developments. This way you can make sure that they give you just what you need. This is why at Huenei we offer three types of services that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. We already told you a little about our Dedicated Teams above, but we’d like to invite you to learn more about our Staff Augmentation and Turnkey Projects modalities.


Delivery time and method

We already talked in the previous point about the importance of the quality of the software product and the service offered by a software company services provider. But the best quality of development is of no use to us if we cannot have the finished product when we need it or if its characteristics are not adapted to our specific needs. Many sectors, such as the financial, healthcare or software logistics industries, need to have the necessary technology to fulfill their operations in a timely manner.


Beware with the price…

Although evaluating the rates, payment facilities and discounts is important, we recommend that you do not make impulsive decisions only considering prices. Many companies that focus on offering “the lowest price” end up providing low-quality software products and developments. We wanted to include this consideration just to give you this tip: Compare budgets and evaluate different price alternatives, but do not only rely on this variable since in many cases “cheap can be costly“.


Cheap can be Costly - Software Company Services


And how can we know if our supplier is trustworthy?

The image and reputation of the suppliers can help you understand if they are the right choice for you. In this sense, it is important that you pay attention to their experience. Analyze their history, find out about the relationships they have with other clients and ask for references or success stories to learn about the experience of other companies that worked with them previously.

Huenei has more than 25 years of experience in the market. Thanks to our expertise, we have helped a wide variety of companies achieve their goals. We enjoy sharing the experiences of our clients so that those who are looking for an IT service provider company can analyze their success stories.


Huenei Clients - Software Company Services

Huenei Clients


Another important consideration to ensure that a service provider is trustworthy and that their services can help you are the certifications they have. Preferably choose suppliers with certification, such as the one we earned, granted by TUV Rheinland Argentina on ISO 9001. By having the guarantee of optimal quality, you avoid potential inconveniences in the future. Certifications are a representation of the maturity or expertise of the company, as well as its experience and the value it provides to its clients.


As we have discussed, like other management decisions, those concerning IT suppliers must be based on robust analysis and information. The correct choice of a software development service provider can represent growth for your organization, both in terms of service quality and return on investment. We hope you can be guided by these tips based on our experience in the industry working together with all of our clients.