Liferay Intranet Portal

Development and customization of several functionalities to the company’s Intranet Portal, providing more efficient and secure tools to the organization.

Location: Mexico.

Client: BanCoppel.

Industry: Banks & Financial Services.

Service: Turnkey Projects.

Expertise: Software Development.

Tecnologies: Liferay.


For over 50 years, Coppel has offered products and services to segments of the population with limited resources in order to improve their quality of life; The company is characterized by a corporate culture of awareness and social interest.

Among the companies that make up this corporation, we find BanCoppel, a financial institution with the same focus and target segments, managing to break through and consolidate itself in the Mexican market.


BanCoppel’s efforts are focused on expanding the financial system to include a significant segment of the population currently outside the banking circuit; as this is a large sector, many efforts have been made to develop a powerful infrastructure and technological solutions capable of supporting this number of customers.

Among the benefits of having first-line solutions, the company can be more productive by having efficient tools and automated processes, thus improving customer experience and quality.

Business Objective

BanCoppel has a significant number of tools for viewing and managing documentation throughout the organization and the 950 branches that comprise it, collecting information from employees and the bank.

The company needed to make a series of improvements to these tools and platforms, not only increasing security and reliability, but also reengineering processes to make general management faster.


After conducting a survey of the company’s digital platforms, as well as validating the client’s general requirements, we decided to develop a portal in Liferay including a series of functionalities such as: viewing PDF documents, links to banking applications based to certain user profiles, the inclusion of biometric security (fingerprint) to access qualified information, preparation and configuration of workflows, advanced document searches, etc.

With these improvements, the company would be able to increase each worker’s hourly productivity, thus improving efficiency and overall production capacity, which would result in a better customer service.


Once the new improvements and functionalities were included, the bank experienced an increase in its employees’ satisfaction, providing them with more management tools with greater efficiency and freedom, as well as a more accurate and streamlined process. On the other hand, the organization increased its production capacity, as well as its security standards, which improved its position in relation to its external client.

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