High Frequency Claims

Testing of the “High Frequency Claims” application aimed at improving the quality of services of the insurer’s main lines of business.

Location: Argentina.

Client: ACE Insurance.

Industry: Insurance.

Service: Dedicated Teams.

Expertise: Testing & QA.


Grupo ACE is one of the world’s largest insurance providers, with a presence in the main economies in Latin America and operating in Argentina since the 1990s, offering a series of services related to Life and Protection of Payments, Accidents and Health, Electronic Equipment, among others.

Since the quality of the service is one of the main pillars of the company, we needed to ensure the correct operation of certain digital channels so that the requests and suggestions of its clients could be processed correctly.


The insurer has an application called “High-Frequency Claims”, where it manages the main claims from its clients. As the name implies, these claims, complaints, and suggestions are the most important and frequent and need to be addressed as quickly as possible by the company, thus offering the best possible service to its clients.

Grupo ACE needed to ensure the quality of the platform so that all complaints and requests from its users could be entered correctly and processed promptly by its customer service team.

Business Objective

The company sought to improve its customer service quality by identifying all possible failures in its High Frequency Claims platform, as well as its ability to efficiently process all requests.

Grupo ACE needed to validate the quality of its application through a Testing & QA strategy, understanding what aspects to optimize in order to increase end user satisfaction.


A Testing & QA team was formed that could work remotely with other technology teams from Grupo ACE, which would be based in different countries, such as India and the United States. This team had to be seamlessly integrated and operate autonomously, thus ensuring compliance with the company goals.

In the planning and preparation stages, the methodologies and practices to be carried out were determined, i.e: functional, integration, regression and usability testing; guided by the high quality standards of our Testing team.


Once the project was completed, a detailed report was made on all incidents and optimizations, ranging from the usability of the application, its functional and non-functional aspects, allowing Grupo ACE to make all the necessary adjustments and optimizations on its platform.

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