Fitting Up

Formation of a specialist support and maintenance team for the construction, conditioning and commissioning of bank branches.

Location: Argentina.

Client: Industrial Commercial Bank of China.

Industry: Banks & Financial Services.

Service: Dedicated Teams.

Expertise: IT Continuity.


The Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is one of the most profitable and stable financial institutions worldwide, with over 400,000 employees and a presence on all continents; it arrived in Argentina in 2011 with the purchase of Standard Bank.

Since then, it has managed to consolidate its presence within the country, becoming one of the 10 largest banks in Argentina, as a result of its constant expansion policy, which has led to a need for a technological partner capable of keeping up with its growth rate.


Although Argentina has a significant preference for digital solutions, many users still have the habit of attending physical branches to carry out highly sensitive procedures, with bank branches being a central point in the institution’s policy for gaining presence in the country.

These branches had to meet all the necessary requirements at the technological and infrastructure levels for correct operation, as well as the parameters set out by the industry and the parent company.

Business Objectives

ICBC needed its branches to be operational in less than three months, this was order to meet the growing demand from customers, also seeking to improve the quality of service and personalized attention.

Due to this, he needed a flexible, autonomous and agile partner, who was able to take the entire process of setting up branches, from their planning to the opening of the branches.


A tailored team of up to 10 on-site experts, who had to have extensive knowledge in the installation and configuration of the bank’s entire technological infrastructure, as well as its platforms and applications, thus ensuring that these branches met all applicable quality standards.


Thanks to the autonomy and agility of the team, we achieved compliance with all the goals set by ICBC, reaching the proposed deadlines, as well as the safety and quality parameters indicated by both the Argentine banking industry and the bank itself.

At the same time, the clients of this entity expressed an increase in satisfaction thanks to having a closer branch with shorter support times when carrying out procedures and requests that cannot be made online.

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