Email Claim

Optimization of the customer service email channel for a better qualitative and quantitative analysis of end-users claims and requirements.

Location: Argentina.

Client: DIRECTV.

Industry: Telecom, Media & Entertainment.

Service: Turnkey Projects.

Expertise: Software Development.

Tecnologies: Microsoft .NET, SQL Server.


DirecTV provides a premium television experience available through the acquisition, production and distribution of exclusive and unique content, the continuous deployment of the latest technologies for digital entertainment and excellence in customer service.

The company needed to improve the quality of the service provided to its users through one of its main service channels – email.


The correct management of customer complaints is a strategic point for DIRECTV, since this allows us to understand if the company is meeting its business goals in two key areas: quality of service and customer service.

One of the main channels that allows for the analysis both areas is the attention to claims through email, so the company needed a solution capable of providing an optimal control over emails received, answered and forwarded to others areas.

Business Objective

The main goal of the company was to be able to audit the email service channel more efficiently, analyzing quantifiable and qualifiable results of the service provided, regarding the resolution of cases presented by the clients and users of the company, thus allowing them to take both corrective and preventative measures, as well as the constant realization of continuous improvements that would translate into a higher value for end users.


Based on the needs raised by DirecTV, we put together a team to carry out the custom development project.
The solution was focused on solving the problems raised by the organization, interacting directly with the Microsoft Exchange email server and analyzing messages to give them the corresponding treatment.

A control tool was developed for all emails received, answered, and referred to other areas so that they could be quantified and evaluated by the management, through reports reflecting the route diagram of each email that enters the application. Users were also assigned inboxes that allowed them to view and apply a treatment ti each case. Expiration times were also set for each message, in order to minimize the detected delays.


Once the necessary settings were deployed, the Product team was able to understand which key elements of the service had to be optimized in order to increase the level of end-user satisfaction. On the other hand, the Customer Service team was able to make improvements in their referral processes their responsiveness to user requests.

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