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Software improvement and development initiatives tend to be complicated and multi-faceted. To entire an undertaking on time and on budget, developer teams should focus on efficient and effective planning, organization, and monitoring.

In this sense, project management for software development is a discipline that plays a fundamental role in business. Companies need to get efficient to satisfy increasingly demanding customers, delivering high-quality products and services, many of which are achieved through the implementation of projects.


What is Software Project Management?

Project management for software development refers to the branch of project management dedicated exclusively to the planning, execution, and monitoring of software projects. It differs from traditional project management in that software projects have a specific lifecycle process that requires multiple rounds of testing, updates, and customer feedback.

board project management for software development


Why Apply Project Management Methodologies

Project management for software development helps organizations achieve their goals through standard processes, ensuring that available resources are used most effectively and efficiently.

A team of software development professionals must master the processes and knowledge common to projects. In this sense, the development teams must work applying the best practices, to ensure that they lead and implement effective projects and add value to their clients.


How to Manage Projects in the 20th Century

Most technology-related projects are managed Agile-style, to keep up with the ever-faster pace of business and iterate based on customer and stakeholder feedback.

This type of Development is based on an approach centered on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve according to the needs of the project. Thus, the work is carried out through the collaboration of self-organized and multidisciplinary teams, immersed in a shared short-term decision-making process.

Agile methodology additionally promotes client collaboration and the incremental evaluation of the final product. You can learn more about this methodology in other Huenei articles.


How to Implement Effective Software Project Management

Many studies have been carried out on this subject. From our experience in Huenei, we have carried out different tests and attempts to improve the joint work with our clients. Our development team agrees that an effective approach is the one proposed in a Forbes article. In this post, eight specific ways to optimize the management of a development project are mentioned. Let’s see them in detail!

working team project management for software development

  1. Make sure the development team only performs development-related tasks.

It is very common for professionals in the software world to deal with activities that are not directly related to their core work. These tasks are also important for the evolution of the project, but they don’t have to be carried out by the same professionals who will be developing the program or application. In this sense, development experts should focus only on development tasks.


  1. Motivate your team!

A motivated team will always work with a better predisposition and this generally represents more efficient management of time, resources, and better results.

An effective way to motivate the team is to share success stories from other companies, or even previous projects from your company. Analyze these past experiences with them so they can learn from mistakes and successes.


  1. Don’t modify tasks once you’ve asked your team to do them.

For this, spend considerable time planning. There is nothing more demotivating for your team than having to modify their activities on the go.


  1. Planning is king.

Always try to stick to the plan. You prepared it for a reason in the beginning… If you have any problem or inconvenience during development, always try to solve it within the limits of what you have planned. If this proves impossible, only here can you get away from what was planned to find a solution.


  1. Get organized and follow your plan.

Following the line of the previous point, planning is everything. To work in an orderly and organized way, you must respect what you have originally planned.


  1. Delegate whenever necessary.

Trust your team, you have chosen them to accompany you for a reason… A very common bias in project leaders is to try to be in every one of the steps and associated activities. You can’t be everywhere at once. Build a team you trust and delegate to get better results.


  1. Again, your team is key.

See them not just as a development team, but as people. Talk to them, get to know them, and build a relationship. This way, the working hours will be more pleasant and, believe us, the results will be much better. There is nothing better than good teamwork.


  1. Establish smaller goals.

A work plan may seem very ambitious, but the key is to break it down into small goals and small advances that allow the development of the project. Always try to subdivide tasks. This will lead to a better organization, and better results, and will enhance the motivation of the team.


As you can now understand, managing a software development project effectively can be hard work. But the key is good teamwork, organization, and motivation to achieve goals. At Huenei we have been accompanying our clients for years using different development methodologies. Our team has learned, thanks to our experience, to offer the best results. We would like to accompany you in your next development!