Outsourcing of IT Services

Our outsourcing of IT services offer you a managed team of specialists: agile, autonomous and in line with your needs.

Our Service

We offer the outsourcing of IT services, making up teams tailored to the current and future needs of each company. We offer you transparency, security, speed and adaptability.

Starting from the current and future needs of our clients, we form teams of experts that provide immediate answers to your demands, helping you meet your business objectives.

Through agile methodologies and management support tools, we establish a working method that offers total transparency and continuous feedback about the outsourced IT service.

At all times our clients can verify the degree of progress of their projects, consulting the tasks to be developed, their estimated times, time spent, the degree of progress, any defects found, and other metrics that guarantee an easy-to-monitor service with standards that enable continuous service improvement.

You can learn more about our previous works by reviewing these case studies.

Our Outsourcing of IT Services Process


Survey and Understanding of the Business

We carry out a general and detailed analysis of the initial need presented by the company and/or responsible department, as well as the respective processes involved and the scope of the project.


Scope of the Outsourcing of IT Service

We have a detailed understanding of the key requirements for the execution of each project, based on the business objectives, the different interest groups and the current and future needs of the company. The purpose of this phase is to develop the perfect outsourcing of IT service for you.


Solution Approach

We elaborate a general approach to the necessary solutions for the correct fulfillment of each project, as well as the allocation of resources.


Work Methodology

Depending on the final nature of the project (whether it is a development, a corrective-evolutionary maintenance or a support service), we find the most efficient work methodology, always maintaining high levels of transparency.


Equipment Configuration

We form a multidisciplinary team of experts in different technologies and agile methodologies, necessary to achieve the objectives set, able to operate in a self-managed manner and with enough scalability to meet the current and future needs of the project.


Metrics and Performance

We continuously analyze key performance indicators, both for the project and the assigned team, making the necessary optimizations and carrying adequate documentation at all times.


Final Delivery and Continuous Improvement

Depending on the nature of the project, we develop a plan for the correct transfer of knowledge and training, or a general plan for support and corrective-evolutionary maintenance.

Benefits of our Outsourcing of IT Services

Increase your ability to meet all your business demands, relying on our dedicated outsourcing of IT services teams.

Expand your expertise, with the knowledge of our teams on the latest technologies, platforms and methodologies.

Reduce management efforts without resigning control, thanks to our online indicators that will ensure transparency and predictability.

Delegate the most specific and operational tasks to our teams, so that you can devote your resources to the core activities of your company.

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