Myths About Artificial Intelligence in Software Development

31 July, 2018 |

Debunking the Common Myths about AI Software Development

Technology is a continuously advancing phenomenon that tends to disrupt numerous industries and its operations. Recently, AI software development has been a topic of debate on a global scale. Its rising insurgency has not gone unnoticed, as companies such as Tesla and Amazon have incorporated AI technology into their operations.

However, not everybody is thrilled about the rising popularity of AI software development. Despite the technology’s potential, many fear that it could cause more damage than good.

However, is Artificial intelligence as dangerous as most people believe? Below, we debunk some of the common myths about AI software development. Let us take a look.

AI Will Destroy Job Opportunities

AI-based software is designed to help companies or organizations simplify certain tasks through automation. Numerous individuals suggest that it will end up replacing regular jobs, leaving people unemployed. Certain experts have even gone as far as predicting the specific jobs that AI is likely to destroy.

As effective as AI software development is and can be, human beings possess certain invaluable and irreplaceable qualities. For instance, human beings have the ability to critically evaluate situations. Moreover, we have the ability to establish trust as well as solve riddles that require a pattern or a certain algorithm. Human interactions cannot be dispensed from customer relationships.

If anything, AI software development will help create more job opportunities. In retrospect, technological advancements have only led to better job opportunities.

AI Software Development will have a very High Cost

The cost of the AI technology being incorporated into your business system depends entirely on its function. AI-based software tools have become more available. This is because many businesses have implemented already existing tools created by companies such as Amazon and Google.

For small-scale business functions, you can use AI tools that call for less expertise. If you choose this option, you’ll end up saving more money as compared to large-scale projects.


AI Will Interfere With Privacy

AI systems possess a higher ability to collect, analyze and record/store our information as compared to traditional systems. This, of course, places app and digital users at a higher risk of suffering privacy violations. In a bid to control AI software development, certain privacy regulations have been put in place in some parts of the world.

Data collected by AI can be potentially risky, but it can be very beneficial as well. Most companies are already using AI to significantly reduce security risks and breaches.

AI Will Exceed Human Intelligence

There’s a global fear that Artificial Intelligence will surpass Human Intelligence considerably. Granted, AI technology or AI-based software have an ability to understand and interpret complex information and can perform calculations effortlessly. However, when it comes to factors such as strategic thinking, they are incapable of it.


AI software development is arguably the most debated and controversial subject in today’s world. It demonstrates high capability in improving and advancing business operations. It also demonstrates the potential to invade privacy due to its ability to collect and store personal information.

However, just like everything else, it has to be used in a responsible way. Over the past few years, technology has led to new and better job opportunities. Why should we rule out AI software development?