How we find the best IT talent for your project

15 January, 2020 |

Continuous technological innovation has greatly increased the demand for IT professionals who have a high specialization in certain technologies, adding in turn the ability to adapt and learn quickly the particularities of each company and industry, so many recruitment departments are They focus on finding those talents with broad technological expertise, giving full priority to their ability to solve problems, decision making, knowledge input, etc.
However, it is common to find that employees do not integrate adequately to projects or work teams since, although they have the necessary technical knowledge and work skills, there may be notable differences in business culture that may limit possibilities of offering high performance.

For this reason, at Huenei IT Services we give you the importance of recruiting and selecting methodologies and tools that allow you to know job skills, hard and soft skills, as well as aspirations and other personal aspects that allow you to find the indicated profile.

Customer Needs Analysis
With the specifications of the client and his project, it is possible to identify a quality profile and organize job applications. In this way, dedicated teams are tailored and tailored to the needs, establishing a direct, efficient and timely communication channel.

This, with the objective of understanding and attending perfectly to the requirements, preferences and needs of the clients. The multidisciplinary team with extensive experience are the channels that allow measuring the scope of the development in question.

Understanding the corporate culture
Each company, project and development teams have their own guidelines and processes, which is directly linked to the industry and the services they offer.
Companies in sectors with a greater willingness to innovate generally require entrepreneurial, dynamic and creative talent. Unlike the more traditional companies that request more focused profiles and that meet the objectives.

Determining a profile for a company or a project facilitates the incorporation process, as well as the use of skills in new talents. In this way, by establishing the personal aspects of a profile, it will be possible to determine if an applicant is the one for the vacancy, aligning their personal, work and professional interests.

Profile Determination
After understanding the scope of the project, the profiles involved and the corporate culture of the company, it is possible to develop a correct profile by dividing its competencies into soft and hard:

  • Competences or hard skills: it is based on work antecedents, previous experience, knowledge of technologies applied daily, problem solving and the discernment that the person may have when faced with a certain situation.
  • Soft skills or abilities: it is the ability to relate, the sense of commitment, values ​​and work ethic, aspirations, personal goals and client connection, not only with the Huenei culture but with the needs of the client and his project.

Having the skills and abilities of a candidate well determined is the key aspect of good recruitment. The most reliable source for this is the computer technicians, who previously investigate to handle the important aspects of the knowledge required by the vacancy offered.

Search for candidates and interview with the client
During this stage filters can be applied according to previous experience in other projects, such as turnkey projects, facilitating decision making and hiring IT staff. Likewise, it separates the competences to the most qualified profiles for the project requested by the client.

Once the applicants or candidates have been recruited, they proceed to the interview with the client or the person in charge of the project, making clear the conditions and requirements that they need to contrast the capabilities, measure the degree of success achieved with each profile and improve The quality of dedicated teams.

Profile tests and their development
At this point, it is necessary to perform technical tests that determine knowledge in the programming languages ​​and the technologies involved daily. Likewise, by means of psychotechnical tests it is possible to determine if the profile is associated with the company.

During the recruitment process, it will not only be necessary to find candidates with high-level profiles, but to use software development to generate in the talents, true fidelity and will with the business project.

Conclusion: talent acquisition for good results
In Huenei we understand that the profile indicated for a project is a mixture of hard and soft skills, creating a good set of dedicated teams. The person must be aligned with both the client, their requirements and needs.
Experience has allowed us to determine that happy employees are productive employees and that implementing good software development or mobile development is the key to consolidating a project and obtaining great performance in dedicated teams.