Occupational Health and Safety Policy – OHS.

HUENEI IT Services, an Argentine company founded in 1995, is a regional IT service provider. It currently has two offices in Argentina: Florida 165, Galería Güemes, CABA and Av. Pte J.D.Perón 23984, San Antonio de Padua, Buenos Aires. It provides services in five areas (SW Development, Mobility, SW Testing, Process & Management and IT Infrastructure) through two business units: Professional Services and Managed Services.

The directors and managers of HUENEI IT Services have set out to define an Occupational Health and Safety Policy (OHS) as follows:

  • Implementing actions to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to Health and Safety in the workplace.
  • Promote a climate of teamwork and a culture of quality management characterized by respect, harmony, professional development and training.
  • Ensuring that said policy provides a framework for setting OHS goals.
  • Promoting the involvement and participation of workers or their representatives.
  • Seeking continuous improvement of the Organization’s Health and Safety Management System.
  • Honoring commitments, legal obligations and other applicable requirements, generating trust, security and loyalty among our different stakeholders.

HUENEI IT Services Managers and Directors are the highest-level executives in charge of applying this policy within the company. They ensure the provision of all the necessary resources for implementation, review and maintenance, so that the staff can know, share and ensure compliance and the policy can be accessed by all relevant stakeholders.