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Many developers need to know exactly what DevOps is and what it’s for. If you want to have better IT development for your business, here we tell you everything you need to know about this term.


DevOps: what is it and what does it consist of?

“DevOps” refers to one of the most relevant terms in IT development. Probably, if you’ve been coding for a few months you already know exactly what it is. However, if you are about to start and you still can’t decide, you probably need this information.

DevOps is an acronym that refers to “development” and “operations”. Therefore, it is a software development methodology that enables good collaboration with all information technology (IT) professionals. In this way, it seeks to generate interdependence in software development and IT operations.

There are 3 key ideas to understand what DevOps is. Namely:

  • DevOps allows integrating software developers and system administrators.
  • DevOps is a complex process to create quality software.
  • DevOps has a philosophy that seeks efficiency in all processes. That is, it works faster and at a lower cost. 

As for the origin of this term, you should know that it emerged in 2008, in Toronto. It is related to the agile methodology, indispensable in the world of software development. When Andrew Clay and Patrick Debois sought to bring the agile philosophy to the world of system administration, they used this term.

In 2009, the term even became a trending topic on Twitter, as it became a true “cultural movement”. In other words, the term DevOps became associated with constant progress, successful software development, and the possibility of finding new ways of working with code.

DevOps: What is the Right Way to Develop Software and Operate IT


What are the basics of the DevOps way of working?

As we have mentioned, working with a DevOps style involves taking into account different elements.  It is essential to mention that each development is different, so each project is unique. 

However, broadly speaking, you could say that these are the basics of this system:

  • Code. Of course, this is software development, so code will always be present. Here it will also depend on the language you use, so it is common to see working methodologies with Python, Ruby, Java, among other possibilities. What’s important is that you always have something to work on. After all, your business can benefit from this, because your projects will be more efficient.


  • Testing. The DevOps methodology involves continuous testing. It is not about looking at the downside of each project, but to anticipate possible complications. So, the idea is to be able to test to ensure the final quality of IT development. Always try to do as many tests as possible, as this will also allow you to have a good reputation in your business.


  • Monitoring. Finally, it is also necessary to ensure constant monitoring of the development. It’s not just a matter of making a single launch, but of having a team that is looking to improve the user experience. Thus, you should offer support for any eventuality that affects the product’s performance.


The most important DevOps working methods

Some examples will allow you to understand what this DevOps process consists of. In consequence, this framework is also a philosophy, as it seeks to increase the efficiency of each development, through successful communication between developers and the code itself.

DevOps: What is the Right Way to Develop Software and Operate IT

Here are some common methods:


Scrum is a method that allows collaborative work between teams that want to develop a product. The idea is that they can organize themselves to have better results, through good practices together. For example, in Scrum, projects of your business are divided into short time cycles and fixed duration, between 2 to 4 weeks. 

According to Agile Alliance, at the end of each cycle, a preview version showing different functions is delivered. From that point, there is a review that involves highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, this cycle is repeated until the final delivery date, to ensure a much more satisfactory and successful outcome. 


In the IT development world, the agile methodology, which we mentioned earlier, is successful. The idea of the agile method involves being able to inspect code frequently, to facilitate teamwork. According to Wirke, it’s also relevant to respond efficiently to changes. 

Therefore, the idea is to generate a flexible environment, to adapt to customer needs. Developments should never be static, but the whole process should be structured to be able to make changes quickly. Then, if urgent situations arise, the developers of your company will be able to make the necessary changes. 

So, now you know exactly what DevOps is and why you should incorporate it into the work cycle of your business. Undoubtedly, code development will benefit from this framework, which is necessary in such a changing world. We hope this information has been useful for you!