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Are you thinking of contracting a dedicated team for software development? Then this post is just for you. We’ve been offering outsourcing of IT services for more than 25 years and we’ve learned that a big part of a successful software development project is based on having a great team and the right workflow. We would like to share some learnings with you and let you know why you should consider hiring these kinds of services.

An important challenge for technology companies is to be up-to-date in terms of work tools and methodologies. In this sense, outsourcing models such as dedicated teams represent unique opportunities for organizations.

dedicated teams are the best alternative for your business

Outsourcing to boost your business

Outsourcing has been around for decades. The earliest example of it is the 20th century when Henry Ford contracted the assembly line for Model T cars to a series of subcontractors in the US. More recently, outsourcing became popular for a wide range of companies, such as outsourcing software development, and it’s been a mainstay for companies since then.

Supporting software development is not just a financial issue. Having adequate staff to ensure a timely, accurate, and cost-effective delivery of software is no small task. The demands of the development process are high, and the need for focused attention, dedication, and a strong commitment to quality quickly become apparent. As a software development outsourcing provider, our experienced professionals are familiar with this process and can meet the client’s needs in a cost-effective, timely, and reliable manner.

The software development industry has experienced rapid growth for some years now, and software development outsourcing represents an opportunity for organizations that do not have the necessary team, knowledge, or resources to develop in-house software products.

Outsourcing allows organizations to focus resources on their core business and structure processes. This structure allows for cost savings and benefits from better efficiency.

In-House vs Outsourced development models - dedicated teams

Illustration by Lvivity


Dedicated Teams – Huenei’s approach

Software development outsourcing companies take time to understand your business model and requirements and tailor their services accordingly. In addition, companies do not have to incur the cost of building and maintaining their in-house software development team.

One of the preferred alternatives for many companies is to hire dedicated teams. This is a managed team of specialists who work to obtain the best results in your project. At Huenei we focus on our teams being agile, autonomous, and in line with our client’s needs.

We offer dedicated team services, which are based on forming groups of experts based on the specific needs of our client’s project. These teams provide immediate answers to client demands, helping them meet their business objectives. To work effectively and efficiently, our teams are based on agile methodologies (such as Scrum and Kanban), which allows us to establish a workflow that offers total transparency and continuous feedback about the outsourced IT service.

Depending on the needs of the customer, the development company structures a team of experts formed by a project manager (also known as a Scrum Master), product or business analysts, programmers, architects, QA engineers, and UI/UX designers.

The team developed to face a Project will dedicate 100% to that task during the period that the Project is in Development. The objective is clear: to achieve the ideal result quickly and at a lower cost.


When should you choose to outsource your company’s software development?

If the core business of your company is not software development, we recommend hiring the services of a company like Huenei, which will take care of obtaining the best results without you having to worry about the process.

If you already have an internal development team but you are facing a challenging project that requires more specialists, we invite you to contact us. Also, if your company is a startup that requires a good time to market, you could certainly benefit from our services.

Lastly, if your organization requires a team with specific knowledge, the management of new technology, or a complex technological domain of knowledge, you can surely benefit from the services of a software factory, like Huenei.


All in all, software development outsourcing is an effective and efficient way to accomplish complex software development tasks with a relatively small team. Outsourced software development also allows companies to focus on their core business, rather than spending money and resources on developing software that could be used by competitors.

Hiring dedicated software development teams, which are experienced and know the specific requirements of your project is the right choice for many companies. Dedicated teams like Huenei’s are always available to answer questions and make sure that your projects run smoothly, even when product and technology changes come fast and furious. As a result, the final product meets expectations and the process is completely optimized.