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Cloud Computing is an excellent tool to revolutionize your business. But do you know how to make the most of it? If you want better results, here’s what you need to know.


Cloud Computing is the best option for your business: what exactly is it?

You see this term in your everyday life, but you don’t know exactly what it is or what it works for. Well, this concept is associated with the digital transformation we are currently undergoing. Cloud services refer to the possibility of using different systems without the need to be in the presence of the physical hardware on which the files are hosted.

cloud computing is changing business environments

You may not have gotten exactly what it is, but here’s an example to help you understand! Every day, we use email to send and receive messages from other people. Now, have you ever thought about where those messages are stored? The answer is simple: on an external server. You don’t even need an application to access your email account since you can do it from your browser. In the same way, your email account also has a remote storage system. That is to say, it does not affect your hard disk.

This is the paradigm shift proposed by cloud technology. Today, the files you use do not need to be available on your computer or smartphone. On the contrary: they are hosted on a remote server, which you can access whenever you want. This is a major revolution for work!

man explaining to a woman why cloud computing is the best business decision

Ways in which Cloud technology can revolutionize your business

Here are some examples of how cloud computing will be useful in the daily operations of your company.

how can cloud technology revolutionize your business

  1. More efficient management

If you have a business, you may have implemented a “cloud” system without knowing it. This situation happened during the pandemic when many companies implemented the home office. The change was so great that, according to the BBC, this system will redefine post-pandemic work. 

Many employers have found that work arrangements are more efficient. For example, some workers feel more comfortable performing their duties from home. Thanks to cloud technology, they can access all relevant files without having to be physically near computers.

The result? Increased employee satisfaction. So, you can serve to strengthen your business culture and increase employee productivity. 


  1. Increased security for your operations

Have you ever thought about the security issues involved in having all your files on the same device? The truth is that whenever you surf the Internet you run the risk of receiving malware that your antivirus cannot detect. The same can happen with hard disks that break, resulting in a loss of data.

If you think that these problems only affect small companies, we must tell you that this is not true. There is a very particular case that will convince you to get into cloud technology: Pixar. According to The Next Web, this animation company had a security problem in the creation of Toy Story 2, one of its most successful franchises.

This film became one of the best films of all time. It won $500 million in the box office, according to AnimationCareerReview. However, it rarely came out: during production, the computer started to give errors and essential information was lost on the hard disk.

By executing the wrong command, very relevant scenes from the film were deleted. The work of the last 10 months had been erased! However, one employee had a backup copy on her computer. While the information was lost, Pixar saved $100 million because of that action.

The same can happen with your company: if you have backups in a cloud system, you will be protected against any inconvenience that may occur on the hard disk.


  1. Instant business opportunities

This aspect is very useful for generating great business with people from anywhere in the world. Imagine the following situation: you have received a business proposal from a person from another country. For this, you have a document where you have all the useful information for the other party to be convinced of the negotiation.

If cloud systems didn’t exist (as it was the case years ago), you would need to get a plane ticket, a hotel stay, and prepare a speech for a proposal that you don’t even know will be a success. Well, now with cloud systems you can make a video call. There you could share those necessary documents live. Doing so will save you time and money, so your business opportunities will be much greater and more efficient.

In short, you have seen that Cloud Computing is a technology that is revolutionizing all businesses. If you invest in a 100% digital system, you’ll surely see business results over time. We hope this information has been useful to you!