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Our team of specialists wanted to share some articles on technologies, services, trends and news of our industry in the era of digital transformation.

In this article, we will show you the steps for setting up a successful IT team, give you some tips for finding the best talents out there, and identifying what are the necessary IT roles for ramping your business up.

With the pandemic triggering a point of no return for digital and e-commerce businesses, having an IT team has not only become fundamental for established companies but also a necessity for many small growing businesses that are looking forward to harnessing the potential of the digital economy.


1. Identify your needs: how much can an IT team help your business?

If your business depends on the cloud, handles any customer data, or manages any type of CRM software, the short answer is ‘quite a lot!’ Even though IT professionals can solve monotonous issues like setting up a printer, they can also serve your strategic planning by doing things like automating processes within your company.

IT is well-known for offering technical support, and depending on your company size, dealing with technical issues may be critical in some instances. From installing new software to resetting passwords, and creating new employee profiles, every day a new tech-related problem arises, and having a team to help you is the best long-term fix.

Managing IT infrastructure is another key aspect for growing businesses where you may want to invest your best efforts since it can have a great impact on efficiency and security. Choosing the right computers and mobile phones, selecting a cloud service, buying specific software, and setting up a website are crucial decisions where you may better trust expert hands.

IT professionals can also use their expertise for assessing your business tech needs. Are you buying third-party software or are you developing an in-house solution, what new technologies out there are going to leverage your growth, and what are the best communication systems for your team?

With so many data leaks and internet fraud, security plays a pivotal role in customers’ interaction with businesses, and IT experts can work on protecting your data, preventing your website from being hacked, and obtaining the necessary certificates for adding a payment platform to your website.


2. Determine the necessary roles and core responsibilities.

As you may know, IT teams are responsible for administrating infrastructure, providing technical support, managing communication platforms, programming, maintaining the company’s website, and even application development, so let’s break down the list.


  • Administration (IT administrator): they are in charge of assisting employees with hardware and software-related issues, they train the staff on how to use specific software, and help everyone who may have any issue related to systems usage. 


  • Tech support (Tech support professional): most teams use a ticket system where company members raise a ticket every time they have a technical issue, and that’s when the tech support team comes to play. They can install new software, set up new hardware such as printers and cameras, repair hardware, troubleshoot software issues.


  • Programming (Programmer): many small businesses need new software for expanding their scope within the digital economy. Programmers can help them develop new business applications, create databases, convert files and build new code for automating processes.


  • Website support (Web developer): while the content is often managed by other departments like marketing and design, web developers are in charge of writing the code, maintaining the site, and guaranteeing functionality and usability.


  • Apps development (Developer): apps are the epitome of innovation, efficiency, productivity, and time-saving. That said, developers can work on building business apps for your employees that can facilitate content management, communication, and customer relationship management.


Depending on the type of IT team you need for your project, you will be able to select the right professionals for each role thanks to the tips that we will discuss in the next point.


IT Team working


3. Find the talent that better suits your company values.

Most experts in the field agree that the best IT department is the one you have never heard of. That statement has many implications: you need to find someone who runs your systems and data so smoothly that no one in your company even imagines the possibility of havoc (like your systems collapsing, your servers falling down, or a data leak), but at the same time you probably don’t have the technical knowledge to carry out the interviewing.

The fact that IT experts are in high demand may also imply that your HR department will have to make a quick decision when filtering candidates. For that, a recommendation is to clearly define roles and what are their responsibilities in non-technical terms, so you can easily communicate them and avoid misunderstanding when interviewing candidates.

It is also fundamental to consider what are the soft skills and values that your company enhances. Are you looking for a conservative profile or do you need someone disruptive? Asking your candidates what their expectations are is also key for ensuring if they can match your corporate culture.

A useful piece of advice is to make use of online communities when searching for IT specialists. You would be surprised to learn that social media like Reddit houses the most engaged experts in the field in subreddits like /r/ITcareerquestions, /r/Remotework, /r/Telecommuting, /r/sysadmin, and /r/networking.

You could also consider hiring a third-party recruiting firm that focuses on IT. Even though it may increase your recruiting cost per hire, it may be a safe bet in the long term, considering the high rates of turnover in the field and how hard it is to retain the best talents.


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