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Have you ever thought about app development for business? The truth is that, when choosing a development for your brand, you must take into account some issues. After all, you want the project to be successful, right? Well, here we tell you what you should consider in the process.


App development for business: is it really necessary?

Not everyone wonders about it, but you must keep it in mind. Currently, there is a kind of “fever” for apps: almost every brand has one. At the same time, users are quite tired of having to download applications that only serve to carry out a procedure.

So, what you should ask yourself is if the development of a specialized application is 100% necessary. A clear example happens with the discount coupons of certain brands when you register in an application. What do you gain with those registrations? Why not do everything via the web?

If it’s something that can be easily implemented on a page, you don’t need an application. In any case, it can be a reinforcement, but you should know that not all users will want to download it. However, if you want to provide specific functionalities, a well-designed mobile application can be an ally of your business. 

For example, this is very common with banks. Although web home banking is 100% usable, certain mechanisms work better on a smartphone, such as QR payments. In this way, the application provides certain benefits to users, so it is recommended that you have one.

app development for business

Illustration by Stratycon Technologies


What ideas do you have for the application?

Of course, you won’t be able to tell the development team “make me an app about my brand”. In reality, you need to think about the idea behind the app. You can do this on your own, but it is always advisable to have a creative, sales, and UX team to determine each feature.

The logical thing to do is to think as a user would: why would they download the application? It may be a requirement that you put in place when performing a certain procedure, such as registering in a database. However, if it doesn’t provide a concrete benefit, it will probably be a nuisance for users.

Well, as the Decode team reckon, the idea is that you can provide more value to your consumers. Take fast food apps like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King as an example. Many of the features that are integrated into their apps are found within their institutional websites. 

However, users do not visit McDonald’s website daily, for example. Instead, with an application, where benefits for users (such as discount coupons) are integrated, they will be able to find out about different news. In other words, if a new hamburger is launched, the news will appear at the top of the page.


What benefits will the application give you?

You know what you can bring to the end-user. However, what specifically do you want an app for? One of the first benefits is something related to the previous point: direct communication with the customer. McKenna Consultants stress that this is something that can lead to an increase in engagement. 

By having more direct communication with the customer, you will be able to achieve a much closer bond. This could generate customer loyalty, to the point that they prefer you and no one else. In this sense, the fact of providing exclusive coupons can mean an increase in sales, since users have economic incentives to buy.

Likewise, you will have a channel to resolve any questions or doubts you may have. Nowadays, users want immediate answers. If you can’t satisfy their needs instantly, you can be sure they will turn to another company. Therefore, if you have a customer service team in your app, you will be available for them.


What is the competition doing in this field?

Finally, don’t forget one relevant element: what the competition is doing. Many companies, in their eagerness to achieve a unique product, do not check what their main competitors are doing. This is a mistake! It is not about imitating or copying, but about having a reference of the weaknesses and strengths of others’ applications. 

A clear example occurs with usability. If you notice that your main competitor has an application that takes a long time to load, that has different errors, or that is poorly designed, you know that there is room for improvement. Then, when you design your application, you can improve all these aspects.

Remember that the goal is for the customer to have a pleasant experience. Therefore, if they don’t get this from the competition, they might get it from you. You can make a document to analyze all these details and then provide this information to the team that will be in charge of developing your app.

In short, you have seen that app development for business is essential nowadays. However, you must know how to create it correctly to achieve good results. We hope this information will be helpful to you!